"I can't teach you anything, but I can tell you about everything I've learnt."

Damien Tillman

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Damien Tillman is The Founder and CEO of Divergent Thoughts, LLC. He’s an Educator, Author, Mentor and Executive Director of The New York Writing Club. A graduate of Hunter College, Damien earned bachelor’s degrees in Media Studies and Creative Writing. He also holds a master’s degree in Education from The City College of New York (CCNY). Damien works to educate and empower people so they can become the solutions to their problems.

"I care about originality. I want to bring new ideas to the writing community and do things that have never been done before. I want to add to the collective understanding of writing as an art form. To do that, I explore my creativity, take chances, and try to express myself honestly.

As an independent artist I own my art and control when, if, and how it's put out into the public. I will have a say in my narrative because things are on my terms. I'm investing in myself and working to make my dreams come!"


As an educator and mentor, Damien’s unique analytical perspective shines in his lessons, facilitation, and workshops.

Damien believes that artists are entrepreneurs and their art is intellectual property that needs to be protected. He's independent by choice! As a writer, Damien has been featured at open mics for the Poets Settlement, Second Saturdays at Cyrus, Great Weather for Media at the Parkside Lounge, Fredericks Douglass Academy’s Poetry Slam at Barnes & Noble, Spoonbill Studio’s Poetry 99, and more. He’s been interviewed by Alfonso Siverls on Second Saturday TV at Bric Media House, Crossover TV with Kendra, and has an author profile on the award-winning blog, Polite on Society, with Marc Polite.