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Educator, Consultant, Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur

Author of Learning To Quote Myself and

Director of The New York Writing Club

“Find something that’s unique to you. Define it for yourself, then live like that definition, is the only truth.”

Damien Tillman

Damien Tillman Interview on Second Saturday TV

with Alfonso Siverls

This was an amazing interview! It's rare as a writer to get to go deeper into your own story, especially in a completely different medium. I was able to share information about my life, influences, and experiences that allowed me to become the man, writer, and educator that I am. I tell the story of how I became the leader of The New York Writing Club, I preview some pieces from my upcoming book and I discuss how writing plays a role in my work as an educator.

This interview was taped on October 8th, 2016. Second Saturday TV is a monthly show on BK cable at BRIC.


This episode aired on Brooklyn cable, Time Warner 34, Optimum 67, RCN 82, Verizon/FIOS 42 and on Brooklyn Free Speech channel 1.