Learning To Quote Myself (Ebook)
  • Learning To Quote Myself (Ebook)


    *This is the Epub File for the book


    Damien Tillman's debut book, Learning to Quote Myself, is a meticulous and deeply personal collection of poems. Each piece is  unique and thought-provoking. The way he creates revelations and invites us to question what we think we know, explores bittersweet truths, and reminds us of our own individuality. For a man of few words, Damien's poetry speaks volumes.

    Tillman channels his unique writing prowess to create new styles and structures with his "script poems".  Learn the story behind specific poems through his "follows". Take note of how he brilliantly weaves his own quotes throughout the book, while making sure that you know "[he] can't teach you anything, but [he] can tell you about the things [he's] learned." He's a writer who dares to take his own truths seriously.

    Damien never forces his words on you, rather, he offers  friendly conversation. Learning to Quote Myself is his personal philosophy, and he's using it to separate himself as a writer and poet.